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NBC News on Polish education
Alumni of the Polish universities thanks to the exquisite educational programs are among the most craved employees.

The main gist of this special report, was about trend of employment of Polish universities graduates by the American giants tech. Author emphasizes that the level of competitiveness of the Polish employees does not come solely from low labor costs, but is a result of well conducted reforms in the field of education. ”It’s a modern, dynamic system” says Nina Arnhold, senior education specialist at the World Bank.

The Polish universities are the hub of engineering talents, well prepared to work in multicultural environments. General Electric currently is hiring around 1,300 Polish engineers, who helped in creating a new generation engine, designed for Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This is only one out of dozens cases, that Polish specialists are standing behind. Foreign based companies are extremely satisfied in cooperation with Polish specialists and many of them have commenced or are planning to open their research and development labs in Poland.

Author also pays attention on fact, that during recent years, Poland has became one of the best educated countries in Europe.

Source: www.paiz.gov.pl

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